Consultency Services


Consultancy for Start Up Airlines
Start up an Airlines requires a diversified knowledge and experience to meet the stringent regulatory requirements on safety, finance and licensing. Through our network, we may assist you in guiding to make your dream to reality to start up a new Airlines. Our tailored assistance would save your sustainable time and expense as a new  entrant.

Selecting the right Aircraft is vital to sustain in Airlines business. We can arrange for you many different models and series of commercial aircraft.

Wet and Dry Aircraft Leasing
We can offer you short or long term wet or dry lease from all types of commercial aircraft, turbo-props and wide body jets. We can facilitate to carry out on your behalf the contract negotiation through experienced people.

Aircraft Spares Parts Procurement
To run your Airlines smoothly, it requires periodical overhauling and maintenance. Our experienced team can procure all sorts of spares parts that an Aircraft requires irrespective of models and series.

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